The Commissioner’s compliance team working with the industry to beat the big chill in Armidale


Over the weekend 13-14th May 2023, the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s compliance team of Authorised Officers conducted compliance activities at the Armidale Big Chill Festival, an annual event held at the Armidale Sportsground that was attended by thousands of people over two days. 

The purpose of this targeted compliance operation was to ensure safe journeys for all festival attendees by assessing vehicle standards and driver compliance with the point to point transport law. Taxis are the primary service provider in the Armidale and New England area, and 12 taxis were inspected at the Armidale Sportsground during the operation.

Penalty Infringement Notices were issued to two drivers failing to ensure their driver identity document was displayed. Drivers must display a driver identity document (Driver ID) when providing rank and hail taxi services in NSW. The Driver ID is an important safety measure which allows passengers to feel confident that drivers are driving for an authorised provider and have been through appropriate safety and onboarding. Our Learning Centre has a Taxi Driver ID factsheet to help drivers understand their safety obligations.

Overall vehicle and driver compliance over the two day festival was good, with the Commissioner’s compliance team noting that all taxis inspected were well maintained. The compliance team were also able to talk with vehicle owners and drivers over the weekend and were pleased with the commitment of local operators and owners to safety.  

The compliance operation was also well received and supported by the local taxi industry as well as local police, Armidale Regional Council representatives, Liquor and Gaming officers and the event’s security.  

The Commissioner, Anthony Wing, will be in Armidale this week, May 23 and 24, to speak at the Rural Community Transport Conference and will also meet with the Armidale Regional Council.