Safety standards for drivers

Taxi and Booking Service Providers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of drivers and passengers. Drivers also have a duty of care and must comply with policies and directions from the service providers they drive for.

This page contains the following information:

Download the Safety Standards for Taxis fact sheet.

Service NSW manages driver licensing, including the Passenger Transport licence code for medical standards and vehicle registration for taxis and hire vehicles. For details visit the Service NSW website.

Driver eligibility

Anyone wanting to become a taxi or hire vehicle driver must be licensed and pass medical and criminal background checks to ensure they are providing the safest possible service to customers.

Authorised Taxi and Booking Service providers have a responsibility to ensure drivers:

  • have held an unrestricted Australian driver licence (not a probationary licence) for at least 12 months in the preceding two years
  • meet medical standards for commercial vehicle drivers

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Who is ineligible to drive a taxi or hire car?

  • anyone whose driver authority was cancelled, or their application was refused, in the past 10 years on the grounds that they were not a fit and proper person
  • people who have committed certain offences listed in the Regulations.

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Changes to driver medicals

Drivers must meet medical standards for commercial vehicle drivers and their medical fitness is now managed through their driver licence.

New drivers need to fill out a medical declaration form and submit it to Service NSW.

NOTE: New drivers won’t appear in the Driver Vehicle Dashboard on the Industry Portal on the Commission website until their driver licence has been updated to the new medical standards.

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What happens to existing taxi driver authorities?

Authorised service providers must now ensure their drivers meet new safety standards. This process replaces the driver authorisation scheme under the old legislation, meaning driver authorities are no longer issued by the NSW Government.

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Drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles (taxis or hire vehicles)

Drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles must be competent in the safe loading, transporting and unloading passengers in wheelchairs.

Taxi drivers who take passengers from taxi ranks or are hailed down in the street are required to meet the following safety standards:

Driver identification

Drivers must display an identity document showing their photograph and identification number provided by the taxi service provider.

English language standards  (Sydney)

Taxi drivers in Sydney must have sufficient competency in English to be able to communicate with passengers.
See Part 2, Division 6, Section 27 of the Regulation for details.


Drivers must inform their booking service provider and/or taxi service provider within 7 days if they no longer meet any of the above requirements.

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