Information for point to point transport passengers in NSW

The NSW Government’s reforms to the point to point transport market give customers greater choice and flexibility by encouraging taxi and hire car, tourist, rideshare and similar service providers to innovate  to meet customer expectations.  

The reforms also ensure strong accountability for safety of services.

Passenger rights and responsibilities

Customers reasonably expect taxi and hire vehicle drivers to meet certain standards while they are carrying out point to point transport services. Similarly, passengers are also expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner while they are travelling in a passenger vehicle.

Passengers can receive penalties if they:

  • soil or damage the vehicle
  • smoke in the vehicle
  • behave in an offensive manner
  • use offensive language
  • intentionally interfere with the comfort or safety of other people

For more information relating to accessibility, fares and charges, passenger rights and responsibilities please visit the Transport Info website.

There are also circumstances where a driver can ask a customer to leave, or not enter their vehicle.